Waste management

WASTE MANAGEMENT In a generalised manner in the workshop, it is crucial to pay special attention to the safety data sheets of the products. Being non-toxic does not mean that they are biodegradable, so we cannot pour the liquid products we use (paint strippers, oxides, and other solutions) into the sewage system. It is important […]

Energy consumption and services

Reducing the environmental impact of our production processes is an aspect that needs daily attention. In a jewellery studio, we often use a broad range of materials, tools, products and techniques, as well as energy sources and other services. As a general rule, we apply reduction, reuse and recycling in all possible aspects of the […]

Lifespan of materials and tools

LIFESPAN OF MATERIALS AND TOOLS We examine the materials we use and their lifespan, to make sure it is as long as possible. The quality of consumables and small tools is an important issue. We try to make them reusable to avoid disposable packaging and consumables. Keep tools in good condition to try to extend […]

Less polluting products and techniques

LESS POLLUTING PRODUCTS AND TECHNIQUES Researching and experimenting with less polluting products and techniques is another key to minimizing the environmental impact of our work in the workshop. See the article Can we be more sustainable in the studio? for some practical tips related to the processes of: Soldering Stripping Polishing Enamelling Oxidation and patinas

Packaging and shipping

PACKAGING AND SHIPPING Have you ever stopped to wonder with which materials you deliver and ship your jewellery? Packaging has an impact that can also be positive when working with, for example, local and entrepreneurial companies that use recycled and recyclable materials, or materials from controlled deforestation under certification, with non-toxic inks, etc. We can […]