Review and supervision of practices

REVIEW AND SUPERVISION OF PRACTICES We recommend that individuals or organisations that have adopted responsible practices in their everyday business are monitored by external bodies that validate and certify such practices. It is this oversight that will provide reliability, especially for medium and long-distance transactions. Short-distance transactions, despite the trust that direct contact brings, will […]

Suppliers with values

SUPPLIERS WITH VALUES In a jewellery business we need to purchase or hire a whole host of different products and services. Another decisive approach is to prioritise proximity and small local businesses whenever possible, as well as the values and responsible practices of these same suppliers. To illustrate this trait of responsible jewellery, we focus […]

Feminist and inclusive approach

FEMINIST AND INCLUSIVE APPROACH It is clearly essential to address any gender-based pay discrimination that may still exist in our company or project: pay for men and women will be the same if they are carrying out the same duties. Believe it or not in the 21st century, the gender pay gap is still very […]

Working conditions and internal democracy

Sustainability and social responsibility are two features that are taking on increasing importance in the business world. Companies have an impact on their environment, socially, economically and environmentally, which can be either negative or positive depending on their degree of responsibility. It is almost a moral obligation to mainstream responsibility at the heart of economic […]

Transparency and honest communication

TRANSPARENCY AND HONEST COMMUNICATION Secrecy and opacity are deep-rooted characteristics found in the jewellery industry. The transition towards responsible practices involves shedding these old habits in order to provide transparency and knowledge both within the company, as well as to customers and the sector itself. Being outwardly transparent means proactively reporting on the source of […]