Business practices

Sustainability and social responsibility are two features that are taking on increasing importance in the business world. Companies have an impact on their environment, socially, economically and environmentally, which can be either negative or positive depending on their degree of responsibility. It is almost a moral obligation to mainstream responsibility at the heart of economic activity and to strive for a positive impact if we assume our share of co-responsibility for the environment, and are aware of the crucial role we can play in building a fairer society.


It is pointless to demand decent working conditions for people involved in, for instance, the extraction of materials in other parts of the world, if we do not apply this principle throughout the production chain and address the working conditions and well-being of the people working in our company or project. This also applies to the stakeholders with whom we interact, whether they are suppliers or multi-brand customers.

The criteria we apply to outline these decent working conditions within the scope of a company are stable contracts and working hours that are consistent with the volume of tasks, which offer, in addition, a salary that is higher than what is laid down in the relevant collective bargaining agreement. Avoiding major mismatches when categorising work (salary brackets) is another key aspect, as is fulfilling the training and professional development needs of the people comprising the organisation, over and above what is established by law. It is worth highlighting the onboarding of further internal mechanisms that make it as easy as possible to reconcile work and personal life: extended maternity and paternity leave, flexible working hours and teleworking.

The models of the Social and Solidarity Economy and the economy of the common good encourage internal democracy through measures that are committed to worker participation in annual profits or that foster active and egalitarian participation in decision-making spaces. This ties in directly with a fully transparent management of the company.