Business practices


Secrecy and opacity are deep-rooted characteristics found in the jewellery industry. The transition towards responsible practices involves shedding these old habits in order to provide transparency and knowledge both within the company, as well as to customers and the sector itself.

Being outwardly transparent means proactively reporting on the source of the materials and production methods we use. It is indeed important to explain the values of our brand, but these must be based on actions, in other words, on real practices that we already have in place.

The hashtags #responsiblejewellery, #ethicaljewellery or #sustainablejewellery may be appealing for marketing purposes, but in most cases they are likely to be exaggerated or even false. While there is nothing binding in this respect, the most suitable way to use these labels is to have already embarked on a production with fair and traceable materials, and a clear endeavour to progress towards a more responsible approach every year.

In that regard, we will engage in honest communication to explain where we are along the journey and distinguish between the type of materials we use, providing as much information as possible about the supply chain and the added value of the responsible materials we work with.