Responsible jewellery experiences


Responsible jewellery is sometimes seen as an elitist concept, one solely within the reach of those firms whose clientele possess a high purchasing power. This however is an erroneous perception that clashes with the facts, as an immense variety of jewellers of all kinds have already chosen this path. Making jewellery with traceable and responsibly-sourced materials is a viable possibility for any type of brand, whatever their size; from start-ups to long-standing companies, from brands with a classical style, to those with a contemporary approach, regardless of their client profile.

The means of initiating this change are also diverse, and there is no exclusively-applicable road map. The process involves a simple matter of conviction and adjusting the changes to be made to the production processes and possibilities at the time. This evolution can be applied gradually, starting with small collections or applied to a special category of products, although may also be made in a more accelerated fashion. The first step might focus on one specific material or another, or even all the materials in a sweeping change in production strategy.

In this section, which we will progressively expand, we have put forward different approaches to ethical jewellery, from the brands that are part of the ORIGEN – Gold for Future Collective. We look into each brands’ step forward with the use of responsible materials, which is a fundamental factor in our concept of this new jewellery, and investigate other aspects of sustainability in both workshop and company practices, as well as the challenges they face.