ORIGEN 2020 Exhibition

The ORIGEN 2020 exhibition brings together unique pieces from eight different artisanal and responsible jewellery artists established in Barcelona, who later joined the ORIGEN – Gold for Future group. It opened on 16 January 2020 in the Craft Centre of Catalonia.


It emphasises the origin of primary materials, the mines from which they are extracted, working conditions and environmental protection.

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ORIGEN 2020 shows us different possible ways of making jewellery using precious stones and minerals obtained at a fair price, with human rights guarantees and respect for the environment throughout the cycle, which is especially important and valuable in the context of climatic and social emergency on a global scale.

The exhibition emphasises the origin of the primary materials with which the jewels are made (gold, silver, gems, and diamonds), the mines from which they are extracted, the working conditions of all the people involved and the protection of the environment and public health by using non-contaminating products. The pieces exhibited at ORIGEN 2020 have been made with Fairmined gold and silver, meaning that they are certified as coming from artisanal and responsible mining organisations and apply fair-trade criteria.

Jewellery with added value

At first glance, not even the experts can distinguish a conventional jewel from a piece of ethical jewellery. The look of the metals and precious stones is exactly the same, although they tell a completely different story. A piece of ethical jewellery is as valuable to whoever wears it as it is to all those involved in its production cycle. It is a motor of social and environmental change.
Ethical jewellery (responsible and sustainable) becomes a real and viable alternative to social, economic, environmental and health-related impacts associated with the origin of precious minerals. Metals are extracted on a small scale, by members of the adult population with the guarantee of a fair price and working conditions, and this is reflected positively in the development of their communities. It also minimises environmental impact than

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