FAIRCHAINED: links of trust

The new artistic project by ORIGEN – Gold for Future is a declaration of intentions in the form of jewellery, a symbol of the values that unite us and of strength in collective action.


The piece is handcrafted entirely from 18-carat Fairmined gold from the Iquira cooperative.

The chain is both a symbol of oppression and union, a glimpse of the eternal human contradictions. It is a word that holds countless uses and meanings, as many as the symbolisms it harbours, which is what makes it an element of utmost importance in almost all cultures.

It can represent violence, punishment, slavery, repression… This is why a broken link has become a symbol of liberation. Rebelling against injustice and subjugation. But the chain is also a link and a bond, an expression of strength in teamwork. Together we are stronger.

Our FAIRCHAINED piece is designed by the nine jewellery brands comprising the ORIGEN – Gold for Future collective. The chain, handcrafted from 23.59 grams of 18-carat Fairmined gold, is a symbol of the values that unite us. Of who we are as a community. Of resistance to the injustice surrounding this craft. Of the partnership between distinct voices and artistic languages to show that jewellery also offers us the chance to transform towards a fairer and more sustainable world.

Interweaving links to project the jewellery of the future

The links in the chain connect and intertwine, forming neither a front nor a back, a beginning or an end. Each link matters and one cannot exist without the next. Each link is a singular voice and the whole together forms a chorus. The union makes it a solid structure, boasting presence and ensemble, preserving individual identities and gaining all the strength of collective action.

The gold is sourced from Iquira, a small agro-mining cooperative in the south of Colombia that works under criteria of fair trade, environmental protection and community development.

We believe in responsible jewellery, committed to global justice and sustainability from the very source of the materials. This conviction drives us to search for healthy and fair alternatives, to interconnect links to forge the jewellery of the future. We invite you to help the seed grow, to be part of this chain.