adoro mi oro

In each collection, Katja Jesek creates her own poetic universe with a touch of glamour, decadence and contemporary mysticism. A single jewel can embellish, seduce or be a symbol of love and that is why its origin has to be responsible.

Adriana Díaz H.

Trained in industrial design, silverwork and artistic jewellery in Bogota and Barcelona. Her pieces are the result of experimentation with different techniques in search of textures, folds and other possibilities in metal. They really stand out for their great innovative feel from a feminine, delicate and poetic eye.

Emilie Bliguet

After training as a jeweller in France and Belgium and spending years travelling the world, she landed in Barcelona and created her own Bliguet brand. Her pieces are organic, fluid and rich in textures, expressing her sensitivity for translating the emotions produced by nature to the language of her jewels.

ILFO unique ecojewels

Jorge Pérez is a jeweller, gem expert and the creator of the ILFO Brand. His artistic pieces are designed using natural, untreated gems and ethical minerals. They carry a powerful energy and are inspired in the pure, crystalline colours of the cosmos, evoking its connection with planet earth.


Behind Joieriaipoesia you can find the hands of Imma Mestieri, graduated in Fine Arts and trained in artistical jewelry, who uses jewelry pieces for helping her costumers to express emotions and feelings. With varied working lines but always in touch with nature, she looks for traceable, sustainable and proximity materials.

Juia Jewels

Júlia Mirete is a jeweller, enameller and gem expert trained in Barcelona and Limoges, specialising in cloisonné and plique-à-jour. In 2018, she launched her own brand through which she expresses her original style with timeless designs featuring enamel as the protagonist.


Mediterranean-inspired jewellers working from a social, ethical and environmentally responsible perspective and a process of continual improvement. Majoral is also a supplier of Fairmined gold and silver and offers smelting, laser cutting and engraving services for these certified metals.

Marta Joieria Artística

Marta Rodríguez Viladés is a self-taught artisan specialising in personalised jewellery that tells its own story. Aware that the world needs a change in consumption, she implements continuous improvement and promotes responsible consumption with quality, ethical and traceable materials.

Teresa Estapé

Graduate in Law and Fine Art, and also trained as a jeweller, her artistic practice combines jewellery, sculpture and installation with graphic art. Her jewels are crafted by hand as emotional and symbolic objects.

Medicus Mundi Mediterrània

Estel Peix is part of this NGO that has been working to defend the right to health since 1963 in different countries of the southern hemisphere and in Spain. In Mozambique, they support miners’ associations in adopting mercury-free practices. In 2017, they produced the documentary “Gold Fever”.