We are a group of professional jewellers committed to working with practices that are respectful to the environment and to social values. We work with ethical materials from responsible mining activity and fair-trade circuits, and we support change in our workshops and companies in accordance with the principles of economic solidarity. We offer to collaborate with other people and companies in the sector who also want to be part of a process of CHANGE towards a new model of responsible jewellery, based on the transparency and traceability of their products.

We are interested in finding out about the origin of the primary materials we use, which kind of extraction methods have been used, how these affect the planet and the people who are responsible for carrying them out and how, in general, we can bring about the construction of a different world from the perspective of our own craft. These concerns have pushed us onto a long path in search of healthy, dignified and fair alternatives within our reach; they have led to us generating dynamics of exchange in cooperation with other companies and colleagues in the profession to continue learning and discovering new possibilities for responsible jewellery in a process of constant review and improvement.

We believe that jewels are products that transmit beauty, emotions, reinforce identity and should always have a beautiful story behind them that talks of solidarity, social justice and respect for nature and the planet.